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Monday, 21 February 2011

Friday 25th & what it means to us...

So yeah here we are, Monday night. Just the usual kids are bedded soaps followed by one born every minute just a nice normal quiet Monday night.

Friday can change all that for us.

You see Friday is Joes review. A bunch of SW get together and decide the fate of a 4 year old childs life. Only Theres one big problem. SWIM dont take the child into consideration, all they seem to care for are politics and money. Its sickening.

So this Friday, thanks to geography and lazy SW, Joe might be taking from us and passed from carer to carer until they find a family to adopt him (we wont be allowed to do this because of the whole English Scottish diffrences) they will be more than happy to remove him from a loving, stable (well as stable as most right?!), caring family home. He calls me mum and Millie his sister. he has a puppy and his own room, with his own toys. For the first time in this little boys life he actually has a life! and again, thrush thoughy they can just come and take him away sickens me to the core.

A simple example of the type of SW we are dealing with...
The day I was in labour they rang Lee and told him they were lifting Joe that day as it was not possible for them to travel back and forth for contact etc. They knew I was in labour as I was started off so had my dates. They were willing to take Joe just as the new baby came along. Dont get me wrong, im not qualified in physcology or anything along those lines but a child, with a difficult background, finally settled. To then take him at that time, would he not feel "ah they have a new baby so dont want me anymore?!". The thing that annoys me with SW is it often appears they dont actually care for the children as they certianly dont treat them as anything other than objects.

Anyway im ranting on now. Just wish me luck for Friday! We need it!

Kirst xx

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